The People With All the Money Don’t Know How to Create Value

Being good at amassing wealth doesn’t in any way qualify a person to create value. In fact, creating value isn’t how they amass their wealth in the first place, usually. Even if it is, they only know how to hoard their gains, not reinvest them to create greater human well-being, or to enhance the living world. On the value creation scoreboard, they strike out.

Why would you spend small fortunes to set up tax avoidance schemes, when you could just pay your tax? The objections seem to be ideological, rather than logical.

It’s a failure of mindset. They lack a vision and an imaginative framework to describe what a better world looks like. In the absence of a guiding model, all they can do is hoard and indulge themselves in ludicrous levels of opulence.

If ever there was a case for methodical training in creativity, innovation and invention, this is it. The Paradise Papers reveal an entire stratum of humanity dedicated to the avoidance of hard work, sidestepping the discovery and unlocking of nature’s secrets and reneging on spreading the benefits benevolently.

It never was a meritocracy. Their claim to manage such extreme mountains of wealth was never earned through value creation. Nothing justifies their claims to superiority. They’re bankrupt of progressive ideas.

What these people lack are high quality thoughts, dedication, empathy and humanity. They built a system in which it was possible for them to capture their wealth through guile and sheer, bare-faced effrontery. Isn’t it time this edifice was torn down and the money redistributed to people with positive ideas about what to do with it in order to help all life thrive? 

The current claimants to the wealth have singularly failed to do so. How much longer can we afford to indulge their selfish indolence?

Fund creation and creativity. The returns are more purposeful.

About tropicaltheartist

You can find out more about me here: There aren’t many people that exist in that conjunction of art, design, science and engineering, but this is where I live. I am an artist, a musician, a designer, a creator, a scientist, a technologist, an innovator and an engineer and I have a genuine, deep passion for each field. Most importantly, I am able to see the connections and similarities between each field of intellectual endeavour and apply the lessons I learn in one discipline to my other disciplines. To me, they are all part of the same continuum of creativity. I write about what I know, through my blogs, in the hope that something I write will resonate with a reader and help them enjoy their own creative life more fully. I am, in summary, a highly creative individual, but with the ability to get things done efficiently. Not all of these skills are valued by the world at large, but I am who I am and this is me. The opinions stated here are my own and not necessarily the opinion or position of my employer.
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1 Response to The People With All the Money Don’t Know How to Create Value

  1. clarelhdm says:

    Well said Michael!

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