Creative Rejuvenation

Artists get hung up on the quality and quantity of their creative output.  I suppose that’s only to be expected.  Artists spend a lot of time on their creative outpourings.  

Occasionally, though, that output needs to stop, while you recharge your creative batteries.  Instead of creativity pouring out, like an incessant torrent, sometimes you need to pour some inspiration, rest and new influences back in.  You need to stimulate your creative powers anew.

Creative rejuvenation is a necessary phase.  Without it, you get stale and your ideas can begin to dry up, or worse, you can become a self-referential pastiche of yourself.  You might even find it hard to take your own creative strengths seriously.

Stop.  Step away from your work space.  Go and live a little.  See new things.  Have new experiences.  Go on some kind of adventure.  Fall back in love with the world and with your art.  Give yourself the space to take stock and breathe.  Your work will still be there, waiting for you to do it.  Only, with recharged, rejuvenated creative powers, you just might approach it from a new angle and with renewed enthusiasm.

I’m recharging myself right now.  The quality and quantity of my posts might reduce, for a while.  Think of this time as my crysalis period.  It’s long overdue.

I will be back soon, but for now, it’s time to feed my mind, my heart and my soul.

About tropicaltheartist

You can find out more about me here: There aren’t many people that exist in that conjunction of art, design, science and engineering, but this is where I live. I am an artist, a musician, a designer, a creator, a scientist, a technologist, an innovator and an engineer and I have a genuine, deep passion for each field. Most importantly, I am able to see the connections and similarities between each field of intellectual endeavour and apply the lessons I learn in one discipline to my other disciplines. To me, they are all part of the same continuum of creativity. I write about what I know, through my blogs, in the hope that something I write will resonate with a reader and help them enjoy their own creative life more fully. I am, in summary, a highly creative individual, but with the ability to get things done efficiently. Not all of these skills are valued by the world at large, but I am who I am and this is me. The opinions stated here are my own and not necessarily the opinion or position of my employer.
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6 Responses to Creative Rejuvenation

  1. I really needed this right now – I deleted a post (of older work) I put up last night because I hadn’t posted in a few days. A combination of guilt and apparent laziness, and letting people down who follow me. I’m in a *stuck* place right now, not sure what my next project is, so I threw up something/anything. Then took it down, because I felt it was dishonest of me. So yeah, time for an art date with myself. 🙂

    • I hope you can make some time to replenish your creative wellspring. Glad the post was thought provoking and thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I must try that hair dryer thing you describe on your blog 🙂

      • Thanks for replying – oh and following too, I just noticed that, thanks a lot! Yes, a hairdryer makes the most amazing “brush strokes”, haha! 😀

  2. A timely reminder. I’m just having a break now after finishing my first draft of Paris Next Week. Catching up on reading and hope to be rejuvenated when I get back to start the next draft! Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year!

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