Mind Altering Drugs: A Chemical War on Awareness?

Over the weekend, my attention was drawn to the following two books:

Nixonland: The Rise of a President and the Fracturing of America


Drugs as Weapons Against Us: The CIA’s Murderous Targeting of SDS, Panthers, Hendrix, Lennon, Cobain, Tupac, and Other Leftists


What do these books have to do with each other and with artists?  I’m glad you asked.

The first book sets the stage for the second.  In the early 1970s, young people, fed up with the interminable Vietnam war, the bogus fight against Communism (which was no more peaceful and free of violence than Capitalism), the draft and the control of all levels of society by privileged elites, hell bent on profiteering from the blood of other people’s children, began to wake up to the fact.  They became aware and conscience compelled them to become activists.  The possibility of revolution was very real.  Peace might have been given a chance.

Who would have lost out, had there been such a peace-establishing revolution?

I would argue “nobody”, but of course the wealthiest and most powerful may have doggedly, obstinately preferred their opulence to sharing their good fortune with everybody else.  If everybody lives well, what makes them special, after all?  It’s no longer a privilege, if everybody has it.

Now consider this:  Who were the spokesmen and women of youth culture?  Clearly, popular musicians, especially those willing to take a stand on conscience, who could influence millions of young people to abandon war and overturn the privileged elites organising those wars, were in a powerful position to influence events.  They had genuine mass support, charisma and the opportunity to radically alter society.

What happened to the best and brightest, the most vocal and outspoken and the most peace loving popular musicians?  They died like flies, at very young ages, in pretty suspicious circumstances, often linked to mind altering drugs.

Who had done research on the possibilities offered by mind altering drugs for population control?  Who knew how to supply substances that would emaciate and emasculate dissent, silence organised, active opposition and turn it into meaningless, incoherent ramblings?  Who knew how to suppress activism by creating widespread passivity and self-centred opting out (tune in, drop out, man)?  Check out the backgrounds and connections of the people feeding the drugs into the culture.

Who could manufacture and distribute drugs that would cause ultimate dependency, destruction of intellectual minds, dysfunction of rational conscious thought, demonstrable psychoses and permanent cognitive impairment, while undermining, subverting and defusing popular uprisings?  Who had the mechanisms of terrifying intimidation to keep it all quiet?  Who had legions of unthinking yes-men, willing to carry out executive orders without question?  There was only one force with the technological knowhow, the legal sidestepping ability and the sheer logistical organisation to achieve this, right under the very noses of everyone.  Only one organisation was so ideologically wedded to violence and destruction, for private profit, like zealous extremists, that they would presume to unilaterally declare war on peace, in order to uphold war.

In short, who would benefit most, if the leading lights of the youth movement, who everybody of that generation looked up to, admired and followed, could be liquidated or disarmed psychologically?

The totality of mind altering drugs culture can be seen as an orchestrated, engineered, well-executed war on consciousness, whose sole aim was to dismember awareness and thus defeat the peace movement.  It’s a war that continues to the present day.  There have never been so many mind altering substances being consumed, both illicitly and via prescriptions, to treat anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorders, autistic spectrum diagnoses, you name it.

What do we have?  We have people rendered incapable of clear thought and critical analysis, self-involved in their own mental fog caused by these substances, dependent on their medications like addicts, who don’t lift a finger against the violence and profiteering.  We all know it.  We all do nothing about it.

We were sold a lie about the mind expanding qualities and medicinal benefits of mind altering substances, so we’ve never been quite as disorganised, disunited, dissatisfied, despairing, depressed, disempowered and idle, when it comes to overthrowing those that would perpetuate violence for gain.  And the bloody wars continue; constant and unabated.  Think of the casualties and deaths.

Wake up!  We’ve witnessed a silent war on awareness.  A chemical war.  An ongoing war.  The weapons of mass deception are the drugs we take recreationally and on prescription, to alter our conscious states.  Our votes, our voices, our opinions and our democracy are rendered meaningless and ineffectual, when our thinking machinery is so badly impaired.  We’re not fully present to be counted.

If mind altering drugs truly were beneficial and caused original, imaginative, coherent thought, we’d have legions of people with lucid understanding of what has been done to them and what to do about it.  But we don’t.  Instead, we have zombies and morons, masquerading as great artists.  The lyrics don’t talk about revolution, any more.  And we don’t even care.

Of course, some of the musicians and artists smelt a rat and saw through the chemical war.  They’re no longer with us.  They died in tragic overdoses and myriad other suspect ways, never adequately investigated, because they were Bohemians, living dangerously on the edge, experimenting with powerful hallucinogens, who brought their fates on themselves, right?

Think back on popular culture from the late 60s to the present day.  Think about who didn’t make it and what they stood for.  Do you buy the story?  Do you think this cohort of musicians and artists should have had a much higher mortality rate, per capita, than the general population?  Examine the links between covert operatives and the supply of mind altering drugs to these influential artists.  Check it out for yourself.  Fifty years of vicious elimination of dissent, by chemical kosh.  And we played along.

Who benefitted?


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2 Responses to Mind Altering Drugs: A Chemical War on Awareness?

  1. lillbjorne says:

    Hmm! That’s kind of terrifying if you think about it! I wrote a very short post about conspiracy theories over on The Bajoran Exile the other day. Perhaps we all keep our heads down because it’s just all too terrible to contemplate?

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