Why Are Songs Easy to Start, But Hard to Finish? (via The Essential Secrets of Songwriting Blog)

For song writers struggling to make those musical sketches and random ideas for riffs into a finished song, think about the form the song should take.

I love the suggestion, in this blog post, about mapping songs you like and then using the knowledge you gain from that exercise to make a map of your own new song. This is how you begin to see song form and how to create it.

I also love the idea of using the verses for situations and the choruses to tell the audience how to feel about it (or how you feel about it). This blog site and the e-books that are available from it (which I have and paid honest, good money for) are excellent song writing resources.

Why Are Songs Easy to Start, But Hard to Finish? Download "The Essential Secrets of Songwriting" 6 E-book Bundle. Become a top-level songwriter, starting now. _________ My experience is that most songwriters can start a new song at the drop of a hat. That's almost never a problem. The difficulty is finishing it. Those initial ideas that coalesce into something of a musical embryo represent, for most writers, the most enjoyable stage of songwriting. It's exciting to conjure up ideas, your creati … Read More

via The Essential Secrets of Songwriting Blog

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