Do You Make These 5 Costly Mistakes Selling Your Art? (via Gary Bolyer Fine Art)

This is an excellent article on how you take your art to market. The underlying message is simple – you are selling a luxury and your market is only those people that can afford luxuries. Everybody else is the wrong customer, for an artist selling original, hand made, one-off paintings.

It may be the case that you wish everybody could afford to pay what your art is really worth, but in the current economic system they cannot, by design. While the current economic system prevails, unfortunately you must, for your own survival within it, sell only to those that can afford to pay what your art is really worth. You aren’t Walmart and your art is not a commodity product.

It would be interesting to see if the same thinking can be applied to the making of music. What if you made an album exclusively for a handful of people that can afford to buy luxuries? They’d hardly be the first to pirate the works from others or allow their expensive purchase to be pirated, would they? Just a thought.

Do You Make These 5 Costly Mistakes Selling Your Art? Have you ever sold a painting for too low a price and wished you hadn't done it? Or have you ever sold a painting to a friend or family member and then was remorseful or even angry because you felt like you got way too little money? Don't worry, most artists make these mistakes at one time or another in their career. This is very common. I've made every one of these mistakes and more.  And I'm happy to share with you what I've learned from them. … Read More

via Gary Bolyer Fine Art


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2 Responses to Do You Make These 5 Costly Mistakes Selling Your Art? (via Gary Bolyer Fine Art)

  1. Thanks for sharing this link. Your opinion is interesting. I am also curious if there is no other option to be a sucessful artist than to somehow magically tap into those who can afford the luxury in this ecconomy? It is tricky.

    • It’s a subject that could stand a deeper examination, I agree. I know that people like J.K. Rowling made a living as a writer beyond what most people achieve not by pricing books as a luxury, but because her book (a high consideration item – meaning people stop and think before they buy it, when it is first released, because it is just that bit too expensive to buy on impulse) appealed to a lot of people, who are wealthy enough, literate and who influence each other by word of mouth and because her work was of a very high quality. That could be another model to follow.

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