One More Habit of High Gain Lead Guitarists

If you saw my previous post on being a lead guitarist that likes to play with high gain and distortion (called Seven Habit of High Gain Lead Guitarists), you might like to know of one more trick to clean up your dirty act.

Hum afflicts all high gain lead guitarists, but especially so if you have single coil pickups. Even humbucking pickups are not immune, because hum can be induced in poorly shielded wiring and control electronics. So take a look at this handy (newish) pedal from the venerable Electro Harmonix (one of my all time favourite guitar effects manufacturers, ever since I was a teenager!).

It’s called the “Hum Debugger” and it debugs your hum.

Tasty 🙂

(Incidentally, the Smart Gate that I wrote about last time does not splutter or chop your sustained notes short, as suggested in the Hum Debugger video.  In my view, you should use both pedals when recording high gain lead guitar.)

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