Impossible Guitar Sounds

When I was a teenager, first learning how to play the electric guitar, I encountered the Electro Harmonix range of guitar effects pedals (or “stomp boxes”) and I was immediately enchanted by the way you could twist and morph the electric guitar to sound like other things.  Those of you that are familiar with the guitarist Adrian Belew and his album “Lone Rhinoceros” will get the idea.  (Yes, all of the rhinoceros noises are actually a guitar!)

Anyway, Electro Harmonix went bust and disappeared for a while, much to the chagrin of guitarists like myself.  Fortunately, the company rose from the ashes and the newest pedals are even wilder and whackier than the early ones.

Not long ago, an artist named Bill Ruppert began posting a series of videos on YouTube called “Effectology”, where he used chains of Electro Harmonix guitar effects pedals to transform the guitar sound into….well…outer space!

I love them.  Here they all are, for your general entertainment and amazement!

(Don’t forget.  EVERY sound you hear started out as an electric guitar signal!)

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2 Responses to Impossible Guitar Sounds

  1. Janet says:

    ha.. I went straight to paranormal! Who knew??

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