Van Goghology

Here’s another pixel-by-pixel colour picker study of a famous work of art.  This time, I chose a Van Gogh self portrait.  This is the picture:

The skin tones are very different to both Rembrandt and Caravaggio.  The brush strokes are very vivacious and the coat and background almost blend into the same painterly fabric.  The lovely thing about this picture, for me, are the unexpected colours, yet the blues, greens and browns are in harmony.  Vincent’s skin tone makes him look sallow and ill, or perhaps cool and contemplative.  Which do you feel?

I think the swirling background gives the portrait a real life and vitality, though others have interpreted this as a sign of the artist’s inner turmoil.  I’d have done it to make it look lively and exciting, but maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, here is an image of the skin tones as colour swatches:

The skin tones go from a baby pink through a lilac shade of grey, all the way through mid tone greens to a dark green.  Could you ever imagine yourself mixing these colours on your palette as skin tones?  Maybe it’s worth a go!

Pretty amazing, eh?

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