If You Have A Dream, Super-Size It

A couple of articles recently posted by one of my dearest friends on Facebook, who I have known since childhood, got me thinking.

The first article was about having a positive vision.  It showed that people that have a big dream often get big results.  I think that’s true.


The second article was about the Whitlam government of Australia, which during the 1970s and in just 35 months, transformed Australia, against all the doubters and vicious opponents, into the lucky country it is today.


Gough Whitlam had a big vision and he made it happen, before he could be stopped.  The Whitlam government was eventually toppled by the undemocratic actions of the opposition parties (blocking supply through senate nominees) and some alleged collusion with shady CIA operatives who have since been implicated in the Kennedy assassination (Google: James Jesus Angleton Whitlam Kennedy and also Google:  James Jesus Angleton “Malcolm Fraser”).

Compare and contrast this style of can-do, big-picture, commitment-driven, mandate-supported, government, with the spin-obsessed, focus-group-oriented, headline-watching, media-pandering, do-nothing governments that we have globally today.  Here is a list of what Whitlam introduced in less than three years of power:

Pretty amazing to think that all of this came into being and is still the law of the land, thanks to that big vision.  Even more amazing to think that many of these things did not exist at all in Australia up until then and that these measures were bitterly opposed by the so called “Liberal” opposition (“arch conservative” would be a more accurate label).  How would Australia be viewed internationally today if Whitlam had NOT abolished the White Australia Policy, which was simply racism and apartheid by another name?  I owe my university education to Gough.  Without his reforms, a university education was beyond my and my family’s economic reach.

Several years ago I read a book called “The Magic of Thinking Big”.  I recommend it highly.



The main thrust of this book is how to use the technique of thinking big to overcome all sorts of obstacles one faces in life.  Thinking big and having big dreams is the only way the world can be transformed for the better, suddenly.  Of such dreams are revolutions made.

What’s the point of having a small dream, when you can just as easily have a big one?  Some people think it’s “safer” somehow to dream small dreams, but honestly, the work you need to put in to achieve them is roughly the same.  If your dreams don’t pan out, the disappointment is about the same, but if they succeed, the big one returns a much bigger pay-off.

So, as an artist, dream of being the next great master, the next hit record maker, the next runaway best selling author, or the highest in whatever your field of artistic endeavour happens to be.

You might as well.  You might just change the world.

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