Reasons to Consider Becoming a Starving Artist

To quote the MIND web site:  “Mind today presents compelling new evidence that the recession has had a devastating effect on the wellbeing of British workers. The charity has found that since the recession 1 in 10 workers have sought support from their doctors and 7% have started taking antidepressants for stress and mental health problems directly caused by the pressures of recession on their workplace.”

Man, is starving any worse?  At least you get to create, when you’re an artist.

The report goes on to note:  The findings “coincide with new government statistics showing the biggest rise in antidepressant prescriptions ever, with a record 39.1 million issued in 2009, up from 35.9 million in 2008.”  Consider that for one moment.  That’s one prescription for every other person in the UK.

Here are some more bullet point facts taken from a poll of 2050 workers, when asked about the effect of the recession on their jobs:

  • 1 in 10 had visited their GP for support
  • 7% had started a course of medical treatment for depression
  • 5% had seen a counsellor
  • Half said staff morale was low
  • 28% were working longer hours
  • A third said staff were having to compete against each other.

Stress is laying waste to vast swathes of the working population, it seems.  In what sense is this not a form of assault occasioning actual bodily harm?

The next time you think that the life of a starving artist is a road to nowhere, as many people do, consider your mental health.  You might be far better off creating.


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